Vaping Dry Herbs

Vapor vs. Smoke

Vaporization is the release of flavor and aroma from herbs, spices and essential oils by heating the material with hot air. Unlike smoking or burning, vaporization uses a very gentle heat, less than the combustion (burning) point (~450°F) [(~536°F/280°C)]of wood.
The result is a fine mist, similar to steam. Because there is no smoke created, there is no carbon monoxide or noxious byproducts generated. All that is released is the essential flavor and aroma of your plant material.

Best Practices For Dry Herb Vapes

Sanitize - When you open up your new vape for the first time it is a good idea to turn it on and allow it to heat up one time. This will burn off any factory particles or oils so your first session is nothing but pure herb aromas.

Make sure your material is dry - If your herbs are too wet you may find you aren't getting much vapor. Because of the low tempuratures in most herb vapes the product needs to be very dry for the vapor to be thick and rich. If your first session produces low amounts of vapor, give the device a few minutes to cool down then fire it up again.

Fine Grinds - Making sure to grind your dry herbs to very fine particles. The finer your grind the more evenly your herbs will be heated. Fine grinds also allow for better airflow through the chamber.